Picture created in my Corel Paint Shop

Oct 26, 2008


Thelma said...

Hello Andrea,
Welcome to blogland,,once you figure out everything you will love it..let me know if you need any help I will try my best. Can't wait to see your purses. I am fixing to add you to my follower list.

Rose Anne B said...

Congratulations Andrea!!!
Well for someone who's not done "blogging" you've done a great intro into it. Also you do some AWESOME CQing my dear. Way to go and thanks for sharing.

Maggie R said...

Hi Again Andrea,
I see after reading your news here that you are in New Zealand.When I wrote you an email I had it in my mind you were in Australia.
My DH Loved New Zealand when he was there with the Airforce.He thought it was so green compared to Australia.
I see you were inspired by Pat Winter too. She is one of my dear online friends and has been encouraging me ...
Blogging has been a wonderful window to the world and I have enjoyed meeting you and seeing all your work.