Jun 28, 2009

Red Purse

Another picture of my Red Purse "Mulin Rouge" I have stitched some seam embellishments and some silk ribbon flowers. I am a little stuck at present on what to do on the lovely large red roses on the left side bottom, I don't want to cover them up with embellishments but would like to enhance them with some stitching can I ask for some ideas from the ladies of the group.

Hugs and smiles


New Zealand


Rose Anne B said...

Sorry but I don't really see the rose itself but if you want to highlight it - what about using a black metallic thread and reoutline the rose itself. Maybe use a very tiny black glass bead here and there? I think that would pop it more, but then I'm a newcomer to CQ embellishments.

CarolynPhi said...

Hi Andrea:

I think the edges of the rose petals need to be lightened, maybe using clear glass seed beads, or a lighter red silk floss which would call a little more attention to it. Deepen the color down inside the center of the rose with French or Colonial knots in black. One other thing you could do is to use SRE leaves that are in a lighter green over the ones at the base of the rose.

Just a few ideas...


piney cq said...

Hi Andrea! How about some gold stitching on the two seams on either side of the roses? Maybe some gold beads on the feather stitching up above? The key will be trying to bring some lighter color over to that area to tie it in with the silky. Such a gorgeous piece this is! Thanks for sharing!

Bear said...

they are lovely my your red purse is so pretty already its going to be sensationalwhen you finished- I was only going to suggest using some seed beads but noticed its been added so will leave you for now- cannot wait for another update or the completed purse piccies
love n hugs bear xoxoxoxo

Karen 's World said...

lol ... I stopped by to suggest you out line the petals with beads but I see this has already been suggested. I love the colors of this purse.

Thelma said...

Beautiful work Andrea!