Dec 30, 2010

Christmas Cards 2010

This year I decided to make something different as a Christmas greeting to my family and friends. So I surfed the internet for some lovely old Santa's and Christmas pictured and printed them out on fabric through my inkjet printer, they came out lovely so then I placed them onto red felt decorated them with lace, silk ribbon flowers, beads and silk ribbon bows added a greeting to the back which I also printed on fabric. They came out beautiful. This is just one I made and sent to my lovely friend Pat Winter - I thought you may like to have a look. I think I ended up making about 20 and they were all different.

Hugs and smiles

Jul 13, 2010

Fan Brooches

This is the second project I have been doing - fan brooches. I have printed some fan images onto fabric and used silk ribbon, beads and thread to embellish the fans. I have make one small and one larger but I think the smaller one makes a nicer brooch. What do you think?

Face Pendant

Hi its been a while since I have post something new on my page so here I am.

I have been making ribbon and fibre pendants so thought I'd add a picture so you can see what they are like. I have make three and there all different but I only have one to show you.

The centre is a nice fancy button or something that will lay flat. I was luck to receive some lovely clay faces so in this one I have used one. The pendant is made with thick cardboard and felt and embellished with brade, ribbon and fibre threads beads can also be added what ever you want to add is your choice.